Current Progress

Collaboratively developing holistic programs that empower girls and women

Romania has served as a catalyst to our development from the moment we met the children living in government care several years ago. The physical presence of vulnerability they carried was unlike anything we had seen anywhere in the world. We have partnered with the local government and NGOs and are coming alongside to strengthen their work by developing complementary programs with a focus on identity. Our goal is to reduce the vulnerability of teenage girls by creating safe spaces, developing safe caregivers, and connecting the children to safe opportunities.

Our current program has 3 areas of focus: 

  • Flourish Groups - These are small groups for teenage girls (12-18 years) from the government orphanages or other high-risk situations. Our goal is to build healthy relationships with them, increase their self-esteem, and help them heal from the various traumas they have experienced.
  • Staff Trainings - Many of our partners are working in areas with very little resources to train and develop their staff. We are working with other NGOs, local government departments, national agencies, and missionaries providing trainings on human trafficking, child development, trauma, and other various topics to help equip them with the practical knowledge and skills that make their jobs easier and more effective. 
  • Facilitating Collaboration - Loving and caring for vulnerable people takes a lot of time and energy. Many of our partners don't have the capacity to network, research, and strategize how to collaborate with others. We are always looking for opportunities to network and connect other organizations. Combatting injustice and poverty is not something that can be done alone and we truly believe that we are better and stronger when we work together.