Current Progress

Collaboratively developing holistic programs that empower girls and women

Romania has served as a catalyst to our development from the moment we met the children living in government care several years ago. The physical presence of vulnerability they carried was unlike anything we had seen anywhere in the world. We have partnered with an orphan care organization and are coming alongside to strengthen their work by developing complementary programs with a focus on identity. Our goal is to reduce the vulnerability of teenage girls by creating safe spaces, developing safe caregivers, and connecting the children to safe opportunities.

We are reaching these highly vulnerable girls in the government institutions by hosting them in our home, sharing a meal and having discussions and activities focused on love, value and truth. Smiles, laughter and safety are shadowing memories of abuse, rejection and abandonment.  They know that we are here for them, and we care about them.  

As we grow we plan to engage the boys in this community to be part of the solution to end exploitation and abuse that girls often face. Through mentorship, we hope to provide them with a healthy framework to view women and give them opportunities to extend dignity to the girls they know. We want to see these children overcome their pasts and embrace their future with a deep understanding of their value and worth.