Radiant Hope exists to restore identity and dignity to those affected by injustice and severe poverty by empowering them to rewrite their stories. Our vision is to create safe spaces where girls and women can flourish because girls and women are the most vulnerable in our world. Many don’t have the opportunity to pursue their dreams. Instead, they are faced with abuse, exploitation, and systemic injustice. Severe poverty also impacts a woman’s ability to be all that she was created to be, having a ripple effect of negative implications throughout her family and community. These realities shape their identities and often create a false narrative about who they are and what they're worth. 

We believe that the greatest vulnerability that exists is to have a misplaced identity. Ultimately, everything we do is informed by the belief system we hold about ourselves. When people can embrace their inherent value and change the lens in which they view themselves and others, they are able to heal, walk in freedom, and fulfill their purpose. This allows them to find their voice and gives them the ability to make better decisions for themselves. By placing value on womanhood and creating an identity-focused, trauma-informed program, we aim to bring restoration to the whole person: body, soul, and spirit.




Courtney and Ricky Bolander have been involved in the anti-trafficking movement since 2012. During this time, they have had the opportunity to learn the complexities of this injustice from multiple perspectives in the United States, Europe, and Asia. Radiant Hope was born out of their desire to see deep, long-lasting healing and inner transformation take place in the vulnerable. Their heartbeat is to reconnect these individuals with the simple yet powerful message that they are loved and valued no matter what society or their circumstances might tell them. With the combination of Courtney’s passion for identity and Ricky’s drive for creating value, they are committed to bringing restoration to others.



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